- Excerpts

Running Amok                                                      

          Our Grandchildren will Curse Us!                                                                             



Excerpts from Running Amok 




We ridicule the dinosaurs by referring to anything obsolete as a "dinosaur".  However, the dinosaurs were able to rule the earth for 165 million years.  Civilized humans have been on Planet Earth for only 10 thousand years, and we are well on our way toward destroying it.  If we do not destroy the planet in some other manner sooner, we shall surely destroy it through overpopulation.  Already, we are rapidly exhausting irreplaceable natural resources, destroying the rainforests, polluting the waterways and the atmosphere, and driving other species into extinction. 




We were whacked between the eyes with this problem more than thirty year ago when OPEC first got together and suddenly quadrupled the price of oil, creating economic chaos for us.  A few years later, we where whacked again when the Ayatollah took over in Iran, and they doubled the price of oil again.  All these years later, we have done nothing about it.   


Balanced Budget


Does anyone really know how far in debt the United States of America can go before the world cuts us off, and we're all pushing our belongings in a shopping cart?   




Nowhere does it (the Constitution) say that the purpose of government is to tell us what is morally right or wrong.  The government that does that is the Taliban! 


Narcotic Drugs & Other Victimless Crimes


For forty years now, we have been waging a "War on Drugs".  We have spent unimaginable amounts of money, resources, and man power on this effort.  We have imprisoned millions of people, with hundreds of thousands currently in prison.   People guilty of no other crime than their addiction have had their lives devastated by being labeled a "felon", and spending years in prison.  Those imprisonments have not in any way eliminated the problems of addiction to narcotic drugs. 




It is highly unlikely that the Founding Fathers thought it a good idea that everyone should be packing heat so that in a fit of road rage they could go teach that mf er  that cut them off and flipped them the bird, a lesson they would never forget. 


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