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Running Amok                                                      

          Our Grandchildren will Curse Us!                                                                             




 Our forefathers "pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor" in an extraordinary undertaking, knowing that if "they did not hang together, they would most assuredly hang separately".  They did this "to secure the blessings of liberty for themselves and their posterity".  What an amazing thing!  They put their lives on the line to create opportunity for us, people who would be living more than two hundred years into the future!  

 And what are we doing today for our children, our grandchildren, and the generations to follow us? 

 We are overpopulating their world and burning up precious and irreplaceable resources, polluting the land, the water, and the air, and causing climate changes with likely disastrous consequences.  We are destroying the forests and driving other species to extinction.  We are promoting dogma over observation, reason and science, fostering intolerance for those different from ourselves, and deliberately squelching medical research that holds great promise.  We continue to pursue failed policies with regards to narcotic drugs, immigration, and the Middle East.  We continue to solve disputes with other nations with bombs and destruction, trade our freedom for a little perceived safety, detain people indefinitely without proof of wrongdoing, and we are discussing just how much we should torture those people!   We are creating a nation that does not manufacture anything, provides enormous wealth for some and poverty for others, makes even basic health care inaccessible for millions, and were building a mountain of debt for the next generation to repay!

 We can do better!

 So I made a list, and then expanded that list into this book, full of opinions for specific actions that I believe we as a society should be taking to improve life for ourselves and future generations. 

 It is said that opinions are like assholes:
Everybody has one.
Everybody thinks the other guy's stinks.

 I dont expect that everyone will agree with all of my opinions.

I dont expect that anyone will agree with all of my opinions. 

I expect that many people will want to tell me to take my stinking opinions and shove them back where the sun dont shine. 

 However, my purpose is not to convince everyone that my opinions are right.

 It is that all people should have some well thought out and reasoned opinion on each of these subjects.  If I can provoke thought and reflection, perhaps discussion and debate, and help cause people to think about these matters, then I will be satisfied that perhaps something worthwhile has been accomplished.  I am not by any means an expert on any of the subjects discussed.  I dont have the background, and havent done the research.  My main source of news is Jon Stewart, and turning for in depth analysis to Bill Maher.  But perhaps this book may stimulate people who are experts on the various subjects discussed to put forth their recommendations, and to actually create solutions for some of the problems that confront us.

 Certainly anyone running for public office should have carefully thought through each of these subjects and should have a clear and concise opinion as to what should be the approach of government toward them.  It is a travesty that we can go through an election, and the electorate is not informed as to the thoughts of the candidates regarding subjects of great importance.  You can not have a true democracy if the voters are forced to make their selections on nothing more than a candidates good looks and sound bite commercials.  The essence of democracy is a well informed electorate, able to make reasoned selection of candidates based on their qualifications and their positions on issues.


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