Running Amok

Our Grandchildren will Curse Us!

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Running Amok is a witty poignant humorous book looking at what we should be doing to improve our society, our government, and life on Planet Earth for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, and the generations to come.


It is not about the problems that confront our Nation and our Planet, but about the solutions.


It is a Call to Action: The What's, Where's, Why's, and How's for us as a society "To Form A More Perfect Union" and a brighter future.


We are Running Amok! We obsess over everything trivial and ignore everything that matters.


In an election year, the candidates and the news media talk at length about who is too old, or too young,  too black or not black enough. Has the candidate ever associated with anyone who has ever said or done anything that some people might resent? Are they too elite? And why aren't they wearing a lapel pin?


But where are the solid proposals to deal with the subjects of:

  • Global overpopulation, a planet that can not feed the hungry, that is running out of an adequate supply of fresh water, and is running out of fuel?
  • What are we going to do to avoid polluting the ground, the water,  the air we breathe and causing climate changes that will have disastrous consequences?
  • Will we continue chopping down the primordial forests, and driving other species to extinction?
  • What are we doing about the failed policies with regards to narcotic drugs, immigration, and the Middle East?
  • Should we continue to solve disputes with other nations with bombs and destruction? 
  • Should we trade our freedom for a little perceived safety? Does America want to be the nation that detains people indefinitely without proof of wrongdoing, and should we be discussing just how much we should torture those people?
  • What should we be doing to avoid creating a nation that does not manufacture anything, that provides enormous wealth for some and poverty for others, that makes even basic health care inaccessible for millions?
  • And what are we thinking building a mountain of debt for the next generation to repay?


And as for Congress, they were busy investigating baseball players, and sat idly by as the mortgage loan industry ran amok, lending money to anyone who would take it. Mortgage loans with payments scheduled to double or triple a year or two later. And now we have the massive defaults that have been an economic disaster for millions of Americans, have precipitated a global banking crisis and a global recession. 


Since the "First Oil Crises" thirty five years ago, we have ignored this looming catastrophe. And now that we have had $5.00 a gallon gasoline, we wring our hands and ask "Why?"


Why was the news media happy to run amok for weeks with stories about a Governor with hookers? Why are we treated to every detail about Britney and Paris. Why is no one insisting on addressing the subjects that matter?


How many other problems will blow up in our faces, before we begin to address them before they become disasters?   

What are we doing today for our children, our grandchildren, and the generations to follow us? 




Dave Rosenak is a Purdue engineering graduate and served in the U.S. Army on Okinawa and in Viet Nam.


He has built, run, and eventually sold two successful manufacturing companies. 


Dave lives with his wonderful wife Judy, and  their dog Jake.  Dave and Judy have been married since 1969 and have three grown children and 4 grandchildren.


Running Amok is a book of opinions, formed over a lifetime of observation and experience.  Dave's chief source of news is Jon Stewart, turning for in depth analysis to Bill Maher.


If you love the book or hate the book. If you think the proposals should stimulate a revolution, or if you think the author should stick all of his stinking opinions back where the sun don't shine, write and express your own opinions. 


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Here are some Excerpts from Running Amok 




We ridicule the dinosaurs by referring to anything obsolete as a "dinosaur".  However, the dinosaurs were able to rule the earth for 165 million years.  Civilized humans have been on Planet Earth for only 10 thousand years, and we are well on our way toward destroying it.  If we do not destroy the planet in some other manner sooner, we shall surely destroy it through overpopulation.  Already, we are rapidly exhausting irreplaceable natural resources, destroying the rainforests, polluting the waterways and the atmosphere, and driving other species into extinction. 




We were whacked between the eyes with this problem more than thirty five years ago when OPEC first got together and suddenly quadrupled the price of oil, creating economic chaos for us.  A few years later, we where whacked again when the Ayatollah took over in Iran, and they doubled the price of oil again.  All these years later, we have done nothing about it.   


Balanced Budget


Does anyone really know how far in debt the United States of America can go before the world cuts us off, and we're all pushing our belongings in a shopping cart?   




Nowhere does it (the Constitution) say that the purpose of government is to tell us what is morally right or wrong.  The government that does that is the Taliban! 


Narcotic Drugs & Other Victimless Crimes


For forty years now, we have been waging a "War on Drugs".  We have spent unimaginable amounts of money, resources, and man power on this effort.  We have imprisoned millions of people, with hundreds of thousands currently in prison.   People guilty of no other crime than their addiction have had their lives devastated by being labeled a "felon", and spending years in prison.  Those imprisonments have not in any way eliminated the problems of addiction to narcotic drugs. 




It is highly unlikely that the Founding Fathers thought it a good idea that everyone should be packing heat so that in a fit of road rage they could go teach that  that cut them off and flipped them the bird, a lesson they would never forget. 


Free Speech


You can not tell the pretty youg girl in the office that you can get her promoted if she will sleep with you -- you can't even look at her and comment "nice tits!"  Yes, libel, slander, inciting a riot, conspiring to commit a felony, depriving a person of their civil rights, and sexual harrassment are all well accepted limitations on "free speech".


Health Care


We have the best health care in the world that no one can afford!


Public Education


Do we really want to direct public education to the least capable students who are most likely to be "left behind"?  In fact, we are leaving many of their little behinds undereducated, unfulfilled, and unprepared for the world they live in.



The topics covered in the book are:


CHAPTER                         TOPIC 

          1                              Population

          2                              Petroleum, gas prices, fuel efficiency

          3                              U.S. Balanced Budget

          4                              Government

          5                              Crime and Punishment

          6                              Narcotic Drugs & Victimless Crimes

          7                              Guns and gun laws

          8                              Tort Law

          9                              Traffic

        10                              Free Speech

        11                              U.S. Health Care Debate

        12                              Public Education

        13                              Taxes & Employment Taxes

        14                              Minimum Wage

        15                              Affirmative Action

        16                              Welfare

        17                              National ID Card

        18                              Immigration

        19                              Liberal and Conservative

        20                              Framing

        21                              Evolution and Intelligent Design

        22                              Gay Marriage / Gay Rights

        23                              Abortion

        24                              War on Terror

        25                              Israel   


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Chapter 1 Population

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