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Running Amok                                                      

          Our Grandchildren will Curse Us!                                                                             




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Running Amok is a witty poignant humorous book looking at what we should be doing to improve our society, our government, and life on Planet Earth for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, and the generations to come.

It is not about the problems that confront our Nation and our Planet, but
about the solutions.




It is a Call to Action: The What's, Where's, Why's, and How's for us as a society "To Form A More Perfect Union" and a brighter future.  

We are Running Amok!


We obsess over everything trivial and ignore everything important.  When we get done talking about personalities of politicians and every other distraction, is it time to talk about things that actually matter?     

How is it that seemingly intelligent sane human beings, with the same information available, can reach totally opposite conclusions about not only about how best to deal with a variety of issues, but even on the facts themselves.  Is it possible that if we can have a rational dialogue, that we might be able to find some common ground, some compromises?  Or if not, at least to understand each other’s point of view?  

These are some of the contentious topics on which we seem to be at totally opposite opinions:

   Are humans destroying the Earth’s atmosphere?  Spewing carbon based chemicals that are causing severe weather patterns and rising global temperatures, and that are melting the polar ice caps?   And will this cause rising sea levels that will permanently flood coastal areas, destroy cities, and cause millions of refugees to be fleeing their homes?  Should we do whatever it takes to fix this?
   Or, are these just normal variations in the climate that have occurred repeatedly throughout history.  Do we really need to sacrifice and incur the costs that some are recommending in order to deal with this?


   Are humans polluting the land and the waterways, creating noxious smog over the cities, despoiling the landscape, poisoning the oceans, chopping down the primordial forests, and driving God’s creatures to extinction?  Do we need to take actions to fix that?

    Or, does it really matter if future generations are deprived of a few species?  Is this worth sacrificing our needs and our wants?  Do we want the Government to impose regulations that interfere with our businesses and our freedom?


    Are we using up the world’s supply of fossil fuels and depriving our grandchildren and their grandchildren?  Should we be doing whatever it takes to conserve energy and to replace the burning of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources as quickly as possible?

    Or, will we continue to find new sources of coal, oil, and natural gas as quickly as we use current sources?  Do we need to bear the cost of replacing fossil fuels?  What will become of the coal miners and the oil field workers?


    We doubled human population on Plant Earth in the first half of the 20th Century, and doubled it again in the second half.  Are we too stupid to be able to figure out what will happen if we continue to double and redouble population, even if it is at a slower rate?  Is this the underlying cause of the previous subjects?  Don’t we have a responsibility to future generations to deal with this?

    Or, is population growth a wonderful thing?  To constantly have larger numbers of young people to support the older people of the preceding generation?  Wouldn’t it be a severe economic hardship to have an aging population, and to slow economic growth?  Is there really any limit on how many people planet Earth can support?

   Doesn’t every child deserve to have parents who have prepared themselves and will fully devote themselves to caring for them?  Shouldn’t those not ready for that responsibility, or those who are struggling with caring for the children they already have, make use of safe effective contraceptives?   Shouldn’t we educate kids and promote the use of contraceptives until they are ready for the responsibility of parenthood?  Do unwanted children tend to create a multi-generational cycle of poverty and despair?  Are unwanted children a substantial contributor to the overpopulation of Planet Earth?  Shouldn’t we make contraceptives readily available to those who cannot afford them?
    Or, isn’t abstinence only sufficient?  Should good Christians be required to participate in making contraceptives available?   Haven’t all religions told us to “Go Forth and Multiply”?  Aren’t all children a blessing?

 Terminating Pregnancies

    Is it the proper role of Government to impose itself in the extraordinarily important, personal and private decision of whether to terminate a pregnancy?  If people choose to terminate a pregnancy, shouldn’t safe legal procedures be available?

    Or, if a woman or a girl becomes pregnant, regardless of circumstances including rape and incest, regardless of her own desires, or medical conditions, shouldn’t Government force her to continue the pregnancy?  Isn’t there an unborn future child with a right to life that supersedes the rights of the woman?  Even if her doctors have given an expectant mother the devastating news that her baby will be born dead, shouldn’t Government force her to continue her pregnancy to term?  If, in desperation, she turns to illegal unsafe operations risking her health or even her life to terminate the pregnancy, shouldn’t she be punished as a criminal?

   Should the possession of Guns be tightly regulated, and denied to those with a history of criminal activity or mental unbalance?  Should guns and ammunition primarily designed for the killing of people, and particularly those designed for mass slaughter, be banned?  Is the unlimited “Right” to bear arms worth the devastation it causes?  The thousands of people shot, shot at, raped, robbed at gun point, or the entire communities of people afraid to walk in their own neighborhoods, or terrified that their children will be shot walking to school?
   Or, does the 2nd amendment guarantee us the unlimited right to bear arms?  Should people who use their guns safely be penalized because others don’t? 


    Isn’t it irresponsible for us to leave debt for what we spend on ourselves now to become a burden on our Grandchildren?  Shouldn’t Government revenues be at least equal to Government outlays?  Unless and until we reduce outlays below current revenues, don’t we need to increase the amounts we collect from those with the ability to pay?

    Or, if we reduce taxes enough, will it “Starve the Beast” and force spending cuts?  If we reduce taxes on the wealthy “Job Creators” will it trickle down, and create an economic boon that will increase revenues even with lower tax rates?  Isn’t it wrong to make rich dead people pay taxes? 

 Health Care 
   Is access to health care a right for everyone?  Would enacting Government provided Universal Health Care, like all other developed nations, help to take the profit motive out of health care,  and to make health care more affordable?  Are the costs involved in the right to sue our Doctors, clinics, and hospitals worth the costs they incur?  Would relieving companies of the burden of supplying health insurance to their employees make employees more affordable and increase employment?  Should we pursue medical research involving stem cells which appears to hold great promise to save and enhance lives?
   Or, should Government not be involved in health care?  Can’t the free market regulate health care just like everything else?  Isn’t using fetal tissue for research sinful?

   Don’t all children, whether born to rich parents or poor ones, deserve educational opportunity from pre-school through college or trade school?  Should young people come out of University saddled with a lifetime of debt?  Isn’t an educated populace the key to our future, and isn’t failing to provide education for all wasting our most precious resource? 
   Or, if we already provide free education through 12th grade, and many kids don’t bother to finish, why should we have to pay for more?  If I take care of my kid’s education, why can’t everybody else?

   Do all people deserve the basic necessities of life:  food, clothing, shelter, and medical care?   Can Government sponsored programs for education and job training help all people to participate in high value work and achieve higher incomes?  
   Or, do Government handouts encourage laziness, and breed poverty?   Doesn’t the free market provide adequate opportunity for all?

   Can Government programs to hire private businesses to build and maintain roads, bridges, parks, schools, libraries, replace rotten water pipes and sewers, and build out the next generation of power supply be a boon to the Nation and to the economy?  
   Or, should Government not be involved in the economy?  We give far too much of our money to Government.  Government is too big, and big government infringes on our freedom.  Government programs are always wasteful, and don’t work well.

   Should we learn about God’s works by carefully observing the world and the universe around us, by examining the evidence, and through rigorous experimentation?  Is Earth four and a half billion years old?  Have the current species of living things, including humans, evolved from other species?
   Or, has God revealed the history of the earth in his book?  Was the world created a little more than 5000 years ago, and the plants and animals created in their present forms, and Man was created to rule over them?

Unauthorized Immigration
   There are an estimated 12 million immigrants living in the US who are not authorized to live here.  Many have lived here for decades, are integral parts of their communities and businesses, and many have children who were born here. Others came as children, and have never known another home.  Is it time to allow them to register, become legal residents, and fully participate in American society and the American economy?   Can we prevent a continued influx of unauthorized immigrants by preventing companies from hiring them? 
   Or, if they broke our laws by coming here illegally, shouldn’t they all be deported.   Shouldn’t we build a wall on the Mexican border to keep them out?  

 Authorized Immigration
   We are all immigrants.  Throughout our history, new immigrants have been great statesmen, inventors, and created great and innovative businesses.  Closing our doors to immigrants is not only cruel, but shuts off a source of talent and fresh ideas that have made America great.  We have a long and proud history of providing refuge for the oppressed.
   Or, is America for Americans?  Foreigners come here and take our jobs.  Letting refugees in is dangerous, some of them may be terrorists.

   The world has become interconnected.  Goods, services, people, and ideas flow freely across borders, with people from all over the world contributing what they can best provide.  Component parts and materials flow back and forth across borders to the point that identifying where a product has been “produced” has become meaningless.  It has made for a vibrant world economy, and greatly reduced poverty across the planet.  For the countries that have embraced it, it has reduced tensions and prevented war.  Do we want to be isolated, and turn over world leadership to others?
   Or, what will become of the displaced workers when we send all our jobs to other countries?   Shouldn’t we keep American jobs for Americans?  Shouldn’t we impose large tariffs on imports to level the playing field with countries where people work for much lower wages?   Isn’t a trade imbalance a disaster?

  Throughout the history of humanity, people have continually found ways to produce more with less effort.  From when we replaced hunting and gathering with farming, and on to the Industrial Age.  From the time when the Luddites were burning the looms until today, some people have continually been replaced from one line of work, and needed to learn the skills to perform another.   Overall, the effect has been to allow humans to enjoy a bounty of goods and services, and the leisure time to enjoy them.  There is no shortage of work to be done, and in spite of the rapid transformation of technology, we have little unemployment.
   Or, what about the displaced workers?  Some people may be better off, but others suffer.  How is an elderly person supposed to learn a new career when the job he has had for a lifetime disappears?

Rights of Women, Minority Ethnicities, LGBT, Disabled
   Shouldn’t all people be treated with dignity and respect, and have equal rights and opportunity to participate in society, education, training, business, career advancement, and Government?  For those with disabilities, and those who have been historically restricted from full participation, shouldn’t we go an extra step to be sure that they are able to participate?  Shouldn’t everyone be able to marry the person they love, and to form a family?  Don’t we consider bigotry to be an abomination?
   Or, are gay people an abomination?   Shouldn’t we keep gay people from marrying each other, serving in the military, and serving as school teachers or Scout leaders?  Why should businesses run by good Christian people have to serve gay people?  Isn’t it an affront to our sensibilities to have to share a public bathroom with a transgender person?   Shouldn’t women be content with the traditional role for the fairer sex?  Isn’t man the master of his domain, and woman his helpmate?

   Shouldn’t everyone born in the United States or a Naturalized Citizen be automatically registered to vote?  Shouldn’t we have uniform standards across the Nation for voting in National elections, with rules to make it as easy as possible for eligible voters to exercise their franchise?  Shouldn’t all districts have adequate polling places, early voting, mail in voting and absentee voting?  Shouldn’t all congressional districts be drawn without gerrymandering?
   Or, can each state continue to draw up its own rules for voting?  Isn’t it an over reach for the federal government to interfere with the way states run their affairs?

Free Enterprise   
   Free enterprise has promoted invention, innovation, and efficiency and rewards hard work.  It has created an abundance of wealth for humankind, while allowing a minimum of interference with personal liberty.  But it needs to be regulated to prevent monopolies, disregard for the environment, abuse of employees, or abuse of the public.  Don’t some people start with huge advantages, being born into wealth and power, good health, intelligence, and talent?  Isn’t it reasonable for Government to help to level the playing field for those without those advantages?
   Or, doesn’t Government regulation and interference stifle business?  Do we need Government oversight, or can’t we just trust business operators to run their own business?

   We declared War on Drugs more than 40 years ago.  We have imprisoned millions of people, ruined far more lives than the drug use has.  We have turned entire communities in our country and entire nations to our South into crime infested battlegrounds between rival drug gangs.  It has not stopped the use of drugs.  Is it time to treat the use of mood altering drugs as a public health issue rather than as a criminal offense?
   Or, have we not gotten tough enough?  If we devote more of our law enforcement resources to pursuing drug dealers and users and impose longer prison sentences, will we be able to stamp out this scourge?

 Civil Forfeiture
  We have empowered law enforcement officers to seize cash and other assets from citizens on the mere suspicion that the assets are derived from illegal activities.  How can this possibly not violate the constitutional protection requiring due process?  Doesn’t this in essence make the people who are supposed to protect us into thieves?
   Or, is this an important tool in the War on Drugs?

 Labor Unions
   Do Unions representing the employees of a business help to preserve a balance between the demand for short term profits of the business and the rights of those employees to have a happy work experience and a happy life?  As such, are unions a force for the long term good of the enterprise?
   Or, do Unions interfere with the right of business management to manage their business.  Especially, should public employee unions be banned?  Have the excessive demands of unions been a driving factor to send jobs out of the country?


   Shouldn’t all people be free to practice whatever religion, or no religion, of their choosing, so long as their religious practices do not infringe on the rights of others?  Shouldn’t a person’s religious beliefs and practices neither enhance nor detract from their consideration for any position in Government, education, or business?  Shouldn’t all religions be barred from erecting religious displays in public spaces or from promoting their religion in government or in public schools?

   Or, is this is a Christian nation?  If Christians are a majority, why can’t they have religious displays in the Town Center, and have prayers in schools and at the start of government meetings.  Those who do not want to participate don’t need to.  And if terrorists are Muslims, then are Muslims terrorists?



What are we doing today for our children, our grandchildren, and the generations to follow us? 


Dave Rosenak is a Purdue engineering graduate and served in the U.S. Army on Okinawa and in Viet Nam.


He has built, run, and eventually sold two successful manufacturing companies. 


Dave lives with his wonderful wife Judy, and  their dog Tux.  Dave and Judy have been married since 1969 and have three grown children and 8 grandchildren.


Running Amok is a book of opinions, formed over a lifetime of observation and experience.  Dave's chief source of news is John Oliver, turning for in depth analysis to Bill Maher.


If you love the book or hate the book. If you think the proposals should stimulate a revolution, or if you think the author should stick all of his stinking opinions back where the sun don't shine, write and express your own opinions. 


Write the author at:  rosenak@comcast.net 

Here are some Excerpts from Running Amok 




We ridicule the dinosaurs by referring to anything obsolete as a "dinosaur".  However, the dinosaurs were able to rule the earth for 165 million years.  Civilized humans have been on Planet Earth for only 10 thousand years, and we are well on our way toward destroying it.  If we do not destroy the planet in some other manner sooner, we shall surely destroy it through overpopulation.  Already, we are rapidly exhausting irreplaceable natural resources, destroying the rainforests, polluting the waterways and the atmosphere, and driving other species into extinction. 




We were whacked between the eyes with this problem more than thirty five years ago when OPEC first got together and suddenly quadrupled the price of oil, creating economic chaos for us.  A few years later, we where whacked again when the Ayatollah took over in Iran, and they doubled the price of oil again.  All these years later, we have done nothing about it.   


Balanced Budget


Does anyone really know how far in debt the United States of America can go before the world cuts us off, and we're all pushing our belongings in a shopping cart?   




Nowhere does it (the Constitution) say that the purpose of government is to tell us what is morally right or wrong.  The government that does that is the Taliban! 


Narcotic Drugs & Other Victimless Crimes


For forty years now, we have been waging a "War on Drugs".  We have spent unimaginable amounts of money, resources, and man power on this effort.  We have imprisoned millions of people, with hundreds of thousands currently in prison.   People guilty of no other crime than their addiction have had their lives devastated by being labeled a "felon", and spending years in prison.  Those imprisonments have not in any way eliminated the problems of addiction to narcotic drugs. 




It is highly unlikely that the Founding Fathers thought it a good idea that everyone should be packing heat so that in a fit of road rage they could go teach that m...f...er  that cut them off and flipped them the bird, a lesson they would never forget. 


Free Speech


You can not tell the pretty youg girl in the office that you can get her promoted if she will sleep with you -- you can't even look at her and comment "nice tits!"  Yes, libel, slander, inciting a riot, conspiring to commit a felony, depriving a person of their civil rights, and sexual harrassment are all well accepted limitations on "free speech".


Health Care


We have the best health care in the world that no one can afford!


Public Education


Do we really want to direct public education to the least capable students who are most likely to be "left behind"?  In fact, we are leaving many of their little behinds undereducated, unfulfilled, and unprepared for the world they live in.

The topics covered in the book are:


CHAPTER                         TOPIC 

          1                              Population

          2                              Petroleum, gas prices, fuel efficiency

          3                              U.S. Balanced Budget

          4                              Government

          5                              Crime and Punishment

          6                              Narcotic Drugs & Victimless Crimes

          7                              Guns and gun laws

          8                              Tort Law

          9                              Traffic

        10                              Free Speech

        11                              U.S. Health Care Debate

        12                              Public Education

        13                              Taxes & Employment Taxes

        14                              Minimum Wage

        15                              Affirmative Action

        16                              Welfare

        17                              National ID Card

        18                              Immigration

        19                              Liberal and Conservative

        20                              Framing

        21                              Evolution and Intelligent Design

        22                              Gay Marriage / Gay Rights

        23                              Abortion

        24                              War on Terror

        25                              Israel   


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